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We Offer Amazing Pizza You Will Love

Pizza | Alitalia Pizzeria & Restaurant - West Babylon, NY, NY

All the old favorites are available, of course, like pepperoni and sausage, but there are also 25 specialty pies to try for a change of pace.


Sicilian-style pies are thin-crust with "San Marzano" marinara sauce and mozzarella. The Bruschetta, also Sicilian, has fresh, diced tomatoes instead of marinara, and basil, garlic and extra virgin olive oil. It's like being in Sicily.

White pizza-pie has ricotta and mozzarella cheeses with broccoli or spinach. The Eggplant and Ricotta pie also has mozzarella and tomato sauce, making it even more Italian than most.

Margherita pizza-pie

Of course, there is a Margherita pizza-pie with fresh mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, basil, marinara and extra virgin olive oil. Try to contain the saliva production. A Broccoli Rabe pie with sun dried tomatoes and light mozzarella is practically diet food, only with flavor.

Prices range from $8.95 to $23.95 for pies, depending on the size and the ingredients. The pies with extra vegetables or extra meat in a large size will be more, but worth it.

It would be too bad to miss out on the Capriciosa at $21.95 with mozzarella, tomatoes and roasted red peppers.

Other pies

Other pies include chicken and ricotta, chicken and broccoli and chicken and fresh tomato. BBQ Chicken or Buffalo Chicken pizza-pies may please chicken lovers as well.

Pizza by the slice comes in choices of Neapolitan for $2.15 or Sicilian or Brooklyn for $2.40. A Whole Wheat Pizzetta, with fresh mozzarella and marinara, is only $6.95. It is also possible to get eight slices of Neapolitan for $13.25 or 12 slices of Sicilian for $15.25, both with tomato and mozzarella.

Pies are always hot and fresh in the dining room or for take-out. Come in and look at our menu for other kinds of pizza-pie and pick out your favorite.