Catering Food

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Catering Food | Alitalia Pizzeria & Restaurant - West Babylon, NY, NY

We are excellent at catering food for gatherings of all sizes. The catering menu is filled with possibilities in all categories of antipasto, salad, heros, wraps and paninis, pastas and entrees with sausage, meatballs, chicken, eggplant, veal and seafood.

Homemade sauces include tomato, marinara, vodka, bolognese and puttanesca. Yes, they're good enough to drink, but we suggest putting them over food. Baked dishes of lasagna, ravioli, ziti and manicotti are filling and satisfying.

Seafood, so succulent and tasty, comes in the form of baked clams, clams casino, fried calamari and many shrimp and mussel dishes.

Antipasti is sure to draw the crowd. Chicken wings, fresh mozzarella, fried ravioli and bruschetta are going to be gobbled down quickly. Pizza-spring rolls don't last long either, and stuffed mushrooms just disappear.

Catering food from Alitalia Pizzeria & Restaurant is the answer to food party questions.

Pasta is a crowd-pleaser and we have quite a few kinds from which to choose. This is an opportunity to eat pesto sauce without having to make it at home.

Red or white clam sauce

Red or white clam sauce over your choice of pasta is the subject of dreams, and how often do you get to eat lobster ravioli? Your guests will enjoy these pastas, too. Traditional pastas include carbonara, primavera, bolognese, alfredo and puttanesca.

Salads are refreshing in warmer weather, and our selections include tossed, Caesar, Portobello and a cold antipasto plate. Three kinds of hero sandwiches are easy to eat foods during a game or outdoor party. We have one with grilled vegetables, another with grilled chicken, roasted peppers and mozzarella and a more traditional one with salami, ham, provolone, tomato, lettuce, onion and house dressing.

The catering menu has much more on it for alternatives to these suggestions, so call today and we'll help you plan for your next big party.